Take Me Express & Delivery

My friend just started their business of delivering home cooked meal for breakfast. Here's the menu and available contact list.

to order via facebook you can joined


p/s: The sambal for nasi lemak nice oooo... hehehe :)


6 February 2010

Just want to share what i did last year :)


Heppi New Year!

Gosh.. its 6 days after new year.. lolz. anyway, i wish everyone Happy New Year!

RESOLUTIOn!! checking...

well.. last year my "to acheive" list is as follows:

1. Up my CGPA
2. Acheived 3.oo GPA
3. Shrink my size to L
4. starting my side income biz..

not many huH!

for num 1. I acheived for my 2nd sem 4t year. but didnt do well in 1st sem 5th yr.. so unchecked. 2nd will also be unchecked. 3rd one.. checked!! lolz.. i guess i did it.. now for the tummy part.. wahahahaha... and the 4th unchecked. for the 4th one, i was thinking of starting out the end of dec but since still lack of information regarding to the thing i want to invest.. i guess its a No!

For New Year eve.. me n bunch of friends holds a bbq. venue, my house n dee's house. As always last minute preparation. we had fun that day. I know i did.. hehehee.. I just hope everyone enjoy the bbq, the foods.. the drinks.. the nite overall.. then i hope we have picture to treasure that night. Guys.. U HAVE?

aaa.. I don't know what to say anymore. wahahaha.. Hope all your resolution for this year acheived my friends. :)


- opening up -

WOW! i didn't blog for nearly 6 months. LOLs~ Blogging was fun to me.. where i poured myself to the world. Ever since i started the new semester (1st sem) few months ago, i stopped blogging. REASON???!!! sorry.. i can't find any.. probably i'm not in a mood to blog. In the other hand, probably just because i really2 didn't do anything interesting. Even raya was not great. Few of my best friends lost their family members. It was saddening enough for a friend of mine whom i considered like a brother. What more could i say.. Nonetheless it teach us that live has to move on.. even at the hardest moment. rigHT!

2009 closing.. my life?? still the same. but hey! i met some new friends. Opening my arms to the world i say.. hahaa.. goodluck to those who just started their career path. For my friends who already been years in the industry, bangunan, jambatan, jalan semua dh buat.. masjid bila? wakaka... just kidding lor.. hehe..

I'm going to welcome 2010 with......................... to be continue


Journey to Borneo Highland sekerat jalan~

Last Sunday, me and my friend went around Kuching looking for steel structure building. and... we end up going to "Puncak Borneo".

The journey Begins~~

Welcome to PADAWAN!!

YEAH! 28km!!!

This is our last point.. i can't go any further coz its getting late.. and of course we thought dah sesat.. papan tanda padah 28km!! tp tak sampai2.. huhu....

The food we enjoyed after the trip~ conclude~~~


I've been punked!

The story was: A friend of mine asked for my help to talk with a guy who claimed that my friend was wooing his girl. My friend said he denied of having any affair which i'm a bit convinced because he is a loyal person to the one he loves most. Unknowing to me, it was a pranked! yeap!! LMAO! enjoy!


Roasted Chicken

Well, i'm cooking roasted chicken today. I definitely love to cook. Why? simple lor.. since i was in primary 5 that is, which at that time my father was working in Bakun and my mum working as a tutor in bintulu. At that time, there's only me and my sister both of us would cook simple meal because sometimes there's no one home to cook for us. From there, i developed my habit of cooking.. hehehe :) Until this day, since my mum can't do house work and my father and sister busy with their work, i'm the only one left at home to cook. All the recipe are mine and i want to share it up. The recipe is quite simple. What you need are:

- chicken (5/6 pieces)
- some garlic
- ginger
- black pepper (crushed)
- white pepper
- thymes
- sesame oil
- oyster sauce
- pinch of salt and seasoning (optional)

The chicken is marinated with oyster sauce, garlic, white pepper and sesame oil. marinate it 10 minutes.

Then, place the chicken in alluminium foil. before putting it into the oven. My oven has the programme for roasting chicken. The time preset is one hour.

Here's the cooked roasted chicken.. and its my dinner tonite :)

Happy trying lor... hehehehe